○ Terms of Use ○

Feel free to use my art and designs as long as it isn't for profit. You can reference, edit and repost my creations - just remember to credit me. I really don't mind what anyone does with the characters in Chrome Heaven Bound, as long as it isn't for profit or claiming the characters as your own. If you intend to use art on my site made by others or featuring other peoples' characters/designs, please get their permission first.

While I cherish my characters, at the end of the day they're on the web. I don't care if someone discord roleplays them or puts them in weird art. Have fun. Just credit me, don't show me anything freaky without asking, and preferably don't do anything illegal/discriminatory.

As for miscellaneous stuff like my webpage, pixel bases and web minigames, the same applies. Rip it apart, put it back together or just reskin it if you want. Heck, I'll give you the code if you ask. Chances are it's a messy amalgamation of 30 other peoples' code snippets anyway. All I ask is that you credit me if using my bases or any other drawn assets.

These permissions specifically exclude usage in blockchain related content churns. Do not use my stuff in NFTs or AI generated art.